ANDOR state-of-the-art production facility is located in Klaipeda, Lithuania, on the Baltic Sea coast, near the Curonian Lagoon, where choppy cold waters are our daily routine.

   In a country where fishing is one of the most popular way of leisure, it is not surprising that the needs and expectations for a good fishing boat are set to very high standards.

   ANDOR BOATS have evolved from many years of development and learning. Continuous experience in roughest seas has let us to develop and build boats that allows to be confident and safe at any time, either you are fishing, water-skiing or just spending time with your family and friends.


   We are proud to offer boats from 6.0m, all the way up to heavy duty 9.0m Pilothouse or Cabin boats for any kind of seas and weathers. Featuring exclusive nano passivated aluminium hulls, we adopted the latest technologies available to guarantee production of the finest aluminium boats, along with fully customizable builds – our customers are now able to fulfill their ideas and dreams.

   With dealers around the Europe, ANDOR BOATS aims to become the top choice for fisherman, families, professionals and government agencies.